In Which Noelle Gives Her Resolutions

So a couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I had made a ridiculous amount of New Year’s resolutions.  Many people might say that this is a recipe for failure and frustration, and curling up mid-March to eat my despair out of a tub of Pistachio and Almond Blue Bell ice cream.  (That’s not specific because it’s–ya know–true or anything.  I just haven’t had my delicious Blue Bell in so long it hurts.  Darn you listeria!)

As I said before, I divided them up into four sections–Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.  There are seven resolutions in each for a grand total of 28.  Wow.  That’s a lot isn’t it?  Am I crazy for really believing that I can do this?  I hope not.  I am someone who needs lofty goals in order to push myself. I’ll never accomplish anything great if my goal is to be mediocre, right?  (not that having only one or two resolutions is mediocre of course).

I decided to list some of them out here for you, partially in an attempt to be braver and honest with others, and partially in the hopes that I will accomplish everything I’d like this year, rather than risk failing in the public eye and enduring the scorn of all both of you reading this blog (Hi Shelle!  I wonder who our other reader is? 🙂 )

I want to get better this year at reading and interacting with other bloggers.  A favorite that I’ve been reading off and on for 2 years is Kristina over at Eccentric Owl.  She has such a sweet spirit, we have a lot of common interests and similar personality types (well, according to me lol).  She is my friend in my head!

Anyway, she posted right before New Year’s Day what her resolutions were for 2016.  I read over them today and just had to laugh because quite a few of them are the same or similar to what I have as goals!  Is this because we are just so alike, or because most Americans have similar resolutions? (Be healthier, travel more, do something that makes you happy, etc.)  Probably a mixture of both.  Anyway, pop over and read her Ten Things she wants to do this year–you might find yourself inspired for this year.

But back to mine (again, not sharing all of them, but a select few):


  1. Eliminate “like” from my vocabulary as a filler word (as much as possible)
  2. Read 100  new books this year
  3. Learn a new word every day
  4. Write on a daily basis
  5. Practice piano regularly-scales, classics, learn new hymn each week


  1. Exercise regularly (preferably daily)
  2. Finish couch to 5k program and maintain 5k running 3x a week for 3 months
  3. Take better care of hair-wash, co-wash, deep condition on a regular schedule
  4. Grow hair to bra strap length all over


  1. Post at least 100 blog posts
  2. Finish writing book
  3. Finish at least one short story
  4. Go on date with at least three people
  5. Live more neatly
  6. Be a better, more communicative, and more thoughtful friend


  1. Have devotions on a daily basis
  2. Memorize Psalm 119
  3. Finish what you started
  4. Trust God with everything and love Him with abandon

So, you see, it’s nothing too out-of-reach! Just your normal, everyday incredible expectations that I’m setting for myself for the new year.  (I have left off some of the more….um…ambitious resolutions 😉 )

Would you help me? Hold me accountable? (All both of you who are probably reading this lol.) I don’t want to waste these single years as I feel I have done for the past few years. I want to spend this time that God has given me to myself, to better myself. And here’s where I’d like to start.

Let’s have fun during this year, together.





Book Review: “I’d Know You Anywhere”

I recently finished Laura Lippman’s book “I’d Know You Anywhere”, which I’m pretty sure I found in a free bin outside of a thriftshop.  That should’ve been my first clue.

Okay, that was unnecessarily harsh.  And one of my resolutions this year is to be kinder.  I’m off to a terrible start.  Not only was the writing not that bad, some of my favorite books have come from free bins!  2nd and Charles for the win!

The premise of this book was promising–Walter, a death row (spree/serial killer) inmate reaches out after decades of separation to the only Eliza, victim he left alive.  Told mostly in flashbacks from the killer and victim’s perspective, and in the present tense from the victim’s perspective, you quickly get the sense that there was more to their relationship than either has ever admitted–even to themselves.  The flashbacks were well written, but I found the present tense bits slow and, for the most part, unnecessary.  I understand that it is necessary to go into Eliza’s home life at the beginning to get a sense of her world, and to establish her mindset as a happy housewife/mother.  In addition, it is equally important to bring in bits about her children and marriage to create a sort of dichotomy and tension between that and her inner turmoil stemming from suppressed childhood trauma, but that didn’t prevent me from getting annoyed each time there was elementary school drama with her children.

The main two characters were well developed, but startlingly unruffled given the premise of the novel.  Eliza seemed unfazed by the experience of her youth, and while time had passed and she presumably had healed some, it frustrated me that even in the midst of her kidnapping she was acting like she was on a camping trip!  Where was the stress, the racing thoughts, the typical teenage reaction to the possibility of never seeing her family again…the DRAMA?

The supporting cast almost exclusively fell into two camps–maddeningly and unnecessarily detailed, or boring and underdeveloped.

As for the Great Mystery itself–what really happened during those six weeks of “captivity”–I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed with how it was handled.  Perhaps because I’ve been reading too much Gillian Flynn recently, or because I immediately started thinking about how I would personally have handled the premise…regardless, I found the “secrets” of what happened between Walter and Eliza during their time together…wanting (although that’s not nearly strong enough a word.)  As it dawned on me that the chunk of remaining pages in my right hand was thinning, I took inventory of my emotions and found I was still woefully unsatisfied–like eating just the rolls and cranberry sauce at a Thanksgiving feast.  I kept wishing for some type of “Gone Girl” unreliable narrator twist.  “That’s all?” was the foremost emotion for the last 50 pages.

And I look back and find myself subconsciously trying to avoid giving spoilers, it dawns on me that there’s really no point!  The big secret is that there is no secret!  Anyone who reads this book will know what I mean.

All that said, I thought it was well written from a from a grammatical standpoint, and very pleasant to read–some of the phrasing was downright poetic.  Ms. Lippman does have a way with words!

What would I rate it?


It was better than average, but only slightly.




Violence-PG (that’s right.  I would really only rate it PG.  Many things are intimated, but not explicitly depicted.  For a book about a serial killer, that should tell you something right there.)

Would I read others by her?

Perhaps one more, with an equally stimulating premise, to see if her reluctance to really get down and dirty with her characters and story was a momentary lapse, or a character flaw.  (Badum-psh!  See what I did there?!)

Till next time all!


In Which There Is Resolution

It’s that special time of year again.  The time that this North Carolina weather goes from 70 degrees, to a monsoon, to expected snowfall within a week, the time of year when retail workers want to hurl themselves out of the window as all of the Christmas presents they just sold a few days before get returned all, and the time all gym regulars hate, when their sanctuary is taken over by a stampede of fired-up, holiday-laden heavyweights (me first among them), misusing equipment, going .5 on the treadmills, and coughing up lungs on the benches in the locker room.

And then they’re gone by Groundhog Day (again, me first among them), remembering they have an appointment, plans after work, that a new TV show airs tonight, or the sweet sweet taste of a good bowl of hot apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream.

But not this year.  You hear me Blue Bell?  NOT. THIS. YEAR.

(Apparently they did hear me.  Sigh.  Darn you listeria.)

I made a few resolutions this year, which has prompted reactions ranging from chronic disinterest to derisive laughter from the few people I’ve told.  And yes, in the past I haven’t kept all of them.  But after keeping a few for two years in a row, I upped the ante and made FOUR PAGES of resolutions.  Yes, that’s right.  I went Super Saiyan.

I divided them up into four categories–Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.  I won’t tell them all, (over time I might disclose), but I did want to officially announce that one of my (many) resolutions is to read 116 new books this year!  I feel like I am constantly going back to my old favorites, despite my CONSTANT purchases of books.  If I want to one day realize my dream of reading all of the books in my library, than I’ve got to start somewhere!

So I’ll be posting reviews on books as I read them.  They won’t be long and detailed, they won’t be incredibly intelligent and analytic, but they will be honest, and will kill two birds with one stone–keep me accountable to keep reading, and help me meet my goal of posting consistently on this blog this year!

Let’s do it!