In Which There Is Resolution

It’s that special time of year again.  The time that this North Carolina weather goes from 70 degrees, to a monsoon, to expected snowfall within a week, the time of year when retail workers want to hurl themselves out of the window as all of the Christmas presents they just sold a few days before get returned all, and the time all gym regulars hate, when their sanctuary is taken over by a stampede of fired-up, holiday-laden heavyweights (me first among them), misusing equipment, going .5 on the treadmills, and coughing up lungs on the benches in the locker room.

And then they’re gone by Groundhog Day (again, me first among them), remembering they have an appointment, plans after work, that a new TV show airs tonight, or the sweet sweet taste of a good bowl of hot apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream.

But not this year.  You hear me Blue Bell?  NOT. THIS. YEAR.

(Apparently they did hear me.  Sigh.  Darn you listeria.)

I made a few resolutions this year, which has prompted reactions ranging from chronic disinterest to derisive laughter from the few people I’ve told.  And yes, in the past I haven’t kept all of them.  But after keeping a few for two years in a row, I upped the ante and made FOUR PAGES of resolutions.  Yes, that’s right.  I went Super Saiyan.

I divided them up into four categories–Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.  I won’t tell them all, (over time I might disclose), but I did want to officially announce that one of my (many) resolutions is to read 116 new books this year!  I feel like I am constantly going back to my old favorites, despite my CONSTANT purchases of books.  If I want to one day realize my dream of reading all of the books in my library, than I’ve got to start somewhere!

So I’ll be posting reviews on books as I read them.  They won’t be long and detailed, they won’t be incredibly intelligent and analytic, but they will be honest, and will kill two birds with one stone–keep me accountable to keep reading, and help me meet my goal of posting consistently on this blog this year!

Let’s do it!




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