About NoelleandMichelle:

michelle and I

Hi everyone!

Originally this site was born out of boredom, it stumbled along for a while out of obligation, it died when there was more passion than motivation or direction, and has now resurrected with new vigor and purpose. This is the third iteration of NoelleandMichelle. NoelleandMichelle-ception. (See what I did there?)

All of our lives, we have felt that we were supposed to have a third sister. We have a brother we love dearly, and many close girlfriends we consider to be like our sisters, but there has always seemed to be another person missing from our late night under cover whispers, sister dates, and closet raiding sessions. And this blog is who we’d like to consider our third sister.

Here we’ll seek to post something every day. Yes that’s right. Every day. That’s scary, we know. But the two of us don’t go a day without talking, so why should the three of us? It might be a speech, it might be just a picture. There’s so much to remember, so much to tell you–likes and dislikes, hopes, dreams, fears, embarrassing moments, accomplishments and setbacks, great loves (The Mindy Project!) and great losses (The Mindy Project ūüė¶ ).

But we want this to be a conversation. Tell us what you’re thinking and feeling too! Are you offended by something? Please tell us! Does something we wrote resonate with you? Let us know! Those discussions are vital to a thriving blog.

Have a beautiful day!

About Noelle:

my photo

Noelle is a UNC alumna and is currently working at a mutual fund company in Charlotte. Her dream job is to be a homeschooling mini-farming housewife; unfortunately though, they don’t seem to be hiring at the moment. She loves Goodwill, floor length skirts and dresses, pretzels, cats, dramatic movies with unsatisfying endings, and has what her sister calls a witch’s cackle for a laugh.

About Michelle:


Michelle is a recent graduate from UNCC, and holds a degree in Childhood and Family Development. Her hobbies include babysitting, window shopping (helloooo college student budget), psychoanalyzing people, and experimenting as a seamstress. She loves sandwiches, dogs, movies of almost any genre or era, and being either on a mountaintop or near a body of water, but preferably both.

{Pictures credited to Photography by Angela Tucker, and Cait Elizabeth Photoraphy.}


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