In Which Noelle and Michelle Live Blog Through Revolution Episode 3…Or At Least That Was The Plan


Michelle: Hey there guys!

So, Noelle and I have long been avid readers of live blogs, where bloggers will go through tv shows, writing their own thoughts and recaps on the different episodes, often with hilarious results. So we decided to take a crack at it.
Noelle: NBC has premiered a new show called Revolution!  *insert clever ‘power button’ for ‘O’* The premise is interesting–at some point in the future, all electrical power on the earth is lost; everything from lights to phones to batteries is no longer operational.  All forms of government have fallen, militias have sprung up, and a new, cruder, (and crueler) form of government is now in place.
LAST TIME ON REVOLUTION: *takes deep breath*
The main character, Charlie, (short for Charlotte, but having a boy’s name is supposed to make her look tough and brave!  Ooh rah!) is looking for her brother, Danny, who was captured by the Monroe militia, (the only form of government left in the country formerly known as America) headed by creepily handsome Captain Tom Neville, who was really after her father, because they believed he had an idea as to how to get the power back on, due to a mysterious phone call made to his brother Miles seconds before the power cut off; Miles being accompanied by a strange blonde man who early on in the episode is revealed to be *gasp* MONROE himself!) but was accidentally killed in a Mel Gibson’s The Patriot style standoff in which the brave, stupid, and asthmatic son tries to defend his father and ends up getting him shot. (exhale)  Right  before he dies, with his last dramatic breaths, he tells his blue doe eyed daughter (who has managed to produce not even one good fake tear for her father’s demise) to go to Chicago and find Miles.  Whaa? you ask? GOOD QUESTION.  Fortunately, Charlie knows exactly where Chicago is, because she’s been stealing and hiding 15 year old perfectly preserved postcards with pictures of Chicago landmarks on them, which serve as proverbial breadcrumbs to help her find her way across this barren and highwayless nation to a city that she has never been to. Logical?  Maybe not.  But hey!  This is TV!
Michelle: So Charlie sets off to find her kidnapped brother (which is exactly what the militia was hoping she’d do), accompanied by her late father’s best friend (and former Google executive), Aaron, and British girlfriend, Maggie. While traveling, they bump into a smooth talking, handsome and muscular loner who goes by the name Nate. I assume Charlie has not encountered her fair share of handsome men because she immediately trusts him to join them, despite Maggie’s adamant counsel to leave homeboy in the dust. They find Miles in a bar and eventually convince him to join them.  In a sudden and completely unforeseen twist, the handsome stranger Nate turns out to be militia! (As you can tell this show is completely unpredictable.)
Noelle: Somewhere far away, Danny  manages to escape and is found by a strange woman who *gasp* has access to electricity! Neville however tracks him down and recaptures him.  A man named Randall comes to the woman’s house after they leave and kills her (so there goes that thread of story…?)
Miles and Charlie leave Aaron and Maggie and go to find Miles’ friend Nora, who has voluntarily been made a slave.  It is discovered that she is part of a rebel sector who is trying to bring back the United States.  Miles gives her the stink eye and warns her that she’ll be killed if her subtle tattoo of the US flag on her back is seen.  She scoffs (with a speech).
And the big reveal at the end of the episode?  Charlie and Danny’s mama is ALIVE!  And working for Monroe! Dun dun duuuun!

Michelle: So, this post was supposed to be a quick catch up on the first two episodes before live blogging the third, but it’s kind of long, and we never actually got to it…….so um, tune in next time for what we actually promised you! 🙂 At least you’re all caught up now!
Let us know what you think! Have you gotten into Revolution? What other shows are you obsessed with?